Unique’e Luxury is a Turkish/American niche fragrance brand (design and management in California & made in Turkiye). It was founded by M. Serhat Okyay and Selim Ozen in 2017. It is the first and only Izmir-based niche perfume house. The headquarters is located in California-USA. In a very short time (6 years), despite the negative effects of the pandemic we experienced worldwide,  Unique’e Luxury has become a well-known Extrait de Parfum brand. 

     The brand has a growing global reputation for its strong and unique high-end perfume blends as well as its luxurious packaging and very good pre- and post-sales relationship. They are creating modern, confident, and sophisticated products for every user. Their rare blends make them unique, and the top quality and obsessive attention to detail make them luxurious.

      As of January 2024, their collection has 17 fragrances. All of them are unisex, made up of top-quality ingredients, done by handcraft with extreme care. Each fragrance has deep, strong and rich notes, and so each becomes a treasure box for users.

     Their releases of 2023 are “Mashumaro マシュマロ” (meaning marshmallow in Japanese) (launched in late December 2022 / January 2023), Mangonifiscent” (launched in April 2023), and Zen’gi  (launched in late August 2023).

      A new release is planned for September 2024 (Woud & Mood Absolute). All these new launches will be expected to be the brand’s most iconic perfumes.

     “I always have a passion for fragrances. And I am addicted to quality. Now, I had a chance to combine both. In Unique’e Luxury, we use the very best quality ingredients available, and work with the bests to produce the best. In addition, our bottles, lids, stickers, boxes, and all other accessory collateral materials used in our production process are top-quality. So, we provide Unique’e Luxury fragrances to make you feel your best. Each fragrance in our collection has a strong personality. We really want to be an icon in the perfumery world with our quality and long-lasting performances.” Serhat Okyay

     Globally loved, and critically elected masterpieces of Unique’e Luxury are Crush On Me, Kutay, Beverly Hills Exclusive, and Akdeniz. Moreover, Chocolate Makes Me Happy, SoScentific, and Istanbul are also among the best sellers club.

     “Each fragrance is unique and luxurious, so we named it “Unique’e Luxury” on purpose to propose our message to our customers. When they wear our perfumes, they feel the quality and difference. Please be prepared for the many compliments from around you! We are from Izmir; the city called ‘the pearl of the Aegean Sea.’ We are on our way to becoming the pearl of the perfume world.”Selim Ozen

     Unique’e Luxury fragrances are now available in more than 30 countries around the world. The house’s international presence is expanding daily with a highly selective network of the world’s finest perfumeries.